Our planet has been, for such a long, long time, nothing but a tremendously strong and beautiful haven to every living being that ever took place here.
Our planet has been giving us nothing but the most extraordinary conditions for us to live a long, healthy and full-filled life. And in response to its gifts, we make sure to show it nothing but a selfish, narcissistic and vile behaviour.
We systematically try to strip, explore, take without consent, murder and held hostage.
We do not ask for permission, we do not show any kind of gratitude or humility towards the magnificent place that shelters our every needs.
And it’s so disheartening to see that, even in its poorest state, Mother Nature has continued to be resilient and merciful beyond belief. It has continued to provide what we need to stay alive and to live prosperously. 
Because of its astronomical efforts, because of its limitless beauty and light, because of its abounding arms that stretch to shelter us from our own venom — we developed a composition that illustrates our perception of our planet.
We wanted to show, creatively, our gratitude, our love.
We wanted to celebrate the most extraordinary gift that it was given to us.
​​​​​​​Art Direction & Design
Xesta Studio
Ana Tigre
Ana Tigre
Xesta Studio
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