Graham´s 1990 Single Harvest Lodge Edition

The Graham's 1990 Single Harvest Lodge Edition marks 100 years since the Graham's 1890 lodge was built.
This was an incredible landmark in Graham’s history. The company has been saving this extraordinary wine for a very special occasion and the time has now come. 
As the brand celebrates its 200th anniversary, Symington Family Estates decided it was pertinent to mark this celebration with a wine that encapsulates a pivotal milestone for Graham’s and reminds us that the Lodge sits at the heart and soul of the brand.
I was asked to design the lettering for this unique numbered collection of Graham's 1990 Single Harvest Lodge Edition.
Symington Family Estates / Graham's
Art Direction & Design
Alexandra Sousa Ribeiro
Xesta Studio
Bob Venables
Product Photography
Filipe Braga
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