It is a modular mural approach that is reactive to the urban context and the challenges of unlikely places. With a graphic focus on the synthesis of tradition in contrast with the natural landscape. Details such as the houses in the hills, the plurality of the natural aquatic environment surrounding the island, and the representation of the urban pavement are the elements that constitute the direction. It is dedicated to the heritage, fishing, novelty, and the de-contextualized urban space. 
A graphic system is not directly related to any location on the island but that mutates throughout São Miguel in the Azores, activating the landscape between the green hills and the city as well. 
The result is a synthesis of the collage between Ana Types Type, Royal Studio, and Xesta Studio with the Azores, intended to evoke a contemporary reflection on the routine of an Azorean daily life and re-contextualizing graffiti in the light of a new graphic maturity.
Collaboration with Ana Types Type & The Royal Studio.
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Walk&Talk - Azores
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Ana Types Type
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Xesta Studio
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