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Celebrating the World Calligraphy Day
Honouring the World Calligraphy Day, I’ve reimagined the YouTube logo with a calligraphic version, that was animated, simulating the directions of the writing process, by the great Andrew Lebov.
Along with the animated logo, it was created an accompanying graphic/illustration. The challenge was to showcase the amazing range of calligraphic expression – both traditional and modern – across multiple languages and regions. The result was a tapestry of the word “calligraphy” written in 9 languages and 9 different styles.

I’ve designed this piece together with other crazy talented calligraphers — Ali Almasri from Jordan, Sunhangul 선한글씨 from Korea, and Misaco Shodo from Japan.

Xesta — Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, German & Indonesian languages
Ali Almasri — Arabic language
Sunhangul 선한글씨 — Korean language
Misaco Shodo — Japanese language

This wouldn’t be possible without the great team at @YouTube/@designatyoutube.

Ali Almasri
Sunhangul 선한글씨
Misaco Shodo
Illustration Lead
Jesse Lefkowitz
Animation Lead
Andrew Lebov
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